Stratford Price Capital embodies all the values of the painting division as well. We restore distressed properties in Winnipeg and improve neighbourhoods, doing our part to make them safer and attractive to homeowners. Is there a distressed property on your street that you would like to see renovated? If so, please click HERE to fill out a short form to refer us a distressed property. Not only will you be helping to restore your neighbourhood but every deal we close on that was referred by you will net you a $500 finder’s reward! So be sure to fill out the form completely so we know where to send the cheque!

Featured Project of 2014

The highlight of this year was a tiny but eventful project in the West End of Winnipeg. Nestled on a 30’ by only a 66’ deep lot, this “postage stamp” of a property was in great condition for the most part inside the house. Aside from some flaking paint outside, a jungle of trees in the front, stained carpet upstairs, ripped flooring in the kitchen, garbage everywhere, and some hardware missing from the cabinets, we really didn’t do much. The list of what we were able to salvage was long:

  1. Kitchen cabinets
  2. Appliances
  3. Hardwood floors
  4. Carpet upstairs
  5. Windows were new
  6. Roof was new
  7. Furnace was good
  8. Electrical was updated

Because of the uniqueness of the lot size and a “right of way encroachment” at the back of the property, we had a heck of a time selling it! After a bit of discounting, we were able to provide a new homeowner with a quality home at a very affordable price. The pictures speak for itself! And how about that red door eh?!

30 by 30 Program

I’ve had the pleasure of being involved with Habitat for Humanity Manitoba for a while now in many different roles. I’ve swung hammers, donated my labour, donated painting services from my company, and gone to Habitat functions to help fundraise. From the first time I heard the Habitat non-profit model in a class at Asper, I’ve always admired how the company has run.

We regularly donate to Habitat already but our goal for the 30 by 30 is simple. I will complete 30 real estate deals before the age of 30 and for every real estate deal I complete, I will donate a complete interior paint job (paint and labor) to Habitat for Humanity Manitoba for them to use in their builds. If you know a distressed property that could use some work, feel free to help the cause by filling out the form HERE.