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Jason Greschuk

(An Author, Private Equity Investor, and Real Estate Coach)

Jason Greschuk is a 7 figure business owner and long time real estate investor. At the age of 21, Jason was forced into the business world after the loss of his father. Since then, he has started and scaled his painting company Stratford Price Painting to the multi-million dollar mark while simultaneously flipping real estate and supporting his family along the way.
Now that Jason has removed himself from the day-to-day operations at Stratford Price Painting, he buys businesses and real estate, while showing motivated individuals how to replicate his success.


Get The Tools You Need To Win At Life

In order to go from broke to success, you need a proven system for advancement. In this book, you will learn from six ultra-successful entrepreneurs who started in the same position you are in right now and turned their lives around by following the advanced principles taught in the book.


From Broke To Success is the guide you need to read that details what it takes to grow into greatness. The powerful strategies shared inside these chapters can ascend you into higher achievement if acted upon. The authors involved bring a dynamic collaboration of personal accounts all aimed at enriching the next generation of entrepreneurs and professional leaders. Written by champions for future champions! After reading this book you will have a brave new outlook on business and career! Fortune favours the bold!
Valen Vergara

OO of Origenne Corp, Chairman of Infraplanet Corporation

As a business, we are constantly seeking out ideas and proven strategies to strengthen our company with increased growth and profitability. From Broke to Success offers many key points, proven techniques and reminders of what is required for your business to properly plan, take action and continually re-visit to achieve your goals. This book offers a Power House of knowledge with experiences from six “real world” authors. I was energized from cover to cover, with great takeaways that I could immediately implement.
Derek Roth

President, Adventure Power Products

From Broke to Success’ smart, sincere and thoughtful approach to both personal and business growth hits on all cylinders. This is a book that you will definitely read more than once as it will act as a playbook for your life and business whether you are a novice or an aspiring expert in your field. As I continue to evolve as a human being and build my business, these authors have guided me, and continue to shape my future.
Sachit Mehra

GM, East India Company

From Broke to Success really brought things down to earth. It was an easy read with a big message that was easily conveyed in the relatable writing and stories that make you think “this could be my life if I really want it to be.” Speaking about change was really pointed at me and my experiences and this book just connected with me so much on that level. CONGRATS!!
Zahra A. Premji

Reporter, CBC News Vancouver

What Value is in the book?

Learn From Proven Entrepreneurs

There are plenty of people out there masquerading as successful individuals, selling get rich quick systems that actually make it harder for you to succeed. Don’t waste time learning from people who have no real-world success to back up their false claims. This book is written by entrepreneurs who have started million-dollar businesses and know how to get results.

Build Your Skillset

Generating a higher income starts with high-income skills. In this book, you will learn which skills are worth learning, and how you can use those skills to create cash flow and long term wealth.

Succeed The First Time With A Proven Plan

Unlike most coaches, the entrepreneurs who wrote this book don’t glorify failure. They emphasize the power of following a proven plan that generates results. Don’t waste precious time failing, follow a proven plan that leads to success.

Cultivate High-Level Relationships

Building relationships with high-value business owners and clients is a necessity for your growth as an entrepreneur. Learn how to close deals with ease by providing immense value and creating irresistible offers.

Live Out Your Dreams

Building a successful business is one thing, living a life filled with people you love and activities you enjoy is another. This book covers how to succeed in life and business, with overall health, wealth and confidence being the main goal.


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Listen to Jason give real life experience about how he started, failed and scaled his business empire. Jason goes in depth to give applicable strategies and advice to replicate his success and how to challenge yourself for the future.

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