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How he got started

Jason Greschuk began his business career out of necessity after the loss of his father. His first foray into business was as a franchisee for a student based painting company at 21 years old, where he set records that still stand today. Promoted to the position of district manager with the same company for the next two years, Jason oversaw and provided business consulting to 25+ franchisees across Central Canada and, in doing so, oversaw millions of dollars of business every year.

Why you should buy my book.

Learn From.

Learning from six business owners that come from various walks of life, coming together to give you the best advice. Thirty powerful lessons that will help you better understand your own instincts and your business.

Why take my Advice?

People would want to take my advice because of the results I’ve produced in my business and life and because I deliver that advice in an encouraging way. Growing two multi-million dollar companies from scratch, running a successful franchise, overseeing a franchise territory, doing real estate joint ventures, and having successful family and friend relationships has taught me an amazing amount. The lessons I’ve learned can save people years of their own mistakes and pain.

Learn Skills.

Stop paying your bills late. Learn powerful skills that you need to keep your doors open, and your staff paid.

Get it right the first time.

You could reinvent the wheel, or you could get a copy of this book and save yourself years of trial and error.

Create Relationships.

Learn how to find clients, create an irresistible amount of value, and deploy offers your clients can’t refuse.

Live The Dream.

Don’t be a slave. Automate your business. Travel the world, and remotely attend meetings as a shareholder.


Leaving the franchising world, Jason starting his own commercial painting company in 2014 called Stratford Price Painting and in the same year, started Stratford Price Capital, a business focused on buying real estate in his hometown of Winnipeg. Toward the end of 2018, Jason morphed Stratford Price into an investment company that acquires businesses and real estate. Stratford Price made it’s first business acquisition, acquiring Buhle Painting and Decorating in 2019.

“Business Romance”

He is passionate about helping owners develop sound principles that lead their company to create a culture of loyalty and commitment, a business philosophy Jason calls “business romance.” Jason and his team also specialize in structuring companies, so they are designed to produce predictable profit.

Jason understands business owners, and specializes in helping owners make sense of the pressures on them personally and professionally, guiding them toward the best decisions.

Jason enjoys a close relationship with his family and friends. Along with his older brother Ryan, and mother Grace, they launched Greschukboys.com in 2019, an organization dedicated to helping men maintain fun and adventure in their lives.

Jason is from Winnipeg, a fun-loving entrepreneur, writer, and sports enthusiast with contagious energy.

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